Action Item Tracker

Action Item Tracker is an enterprise level collaborative tool to manage action items. Evaluated as "One of The Best Action Item Tracker Tool Available". Action Item Tracker can be used in conjunction with other software applications by its versatile data import feature. Documents are easily linked and tracked.

Action Tracker creates Metadata for each action item to facilitate searches by type, priority, department, person, completion date and text strings. Query reports can be embedded in emails or attached in PDF format.

Action Item Tracker is versatile and user friendly with user configurable look-up lists, action item dashboard and Outlook calendar exports. Works with any web browser. No ActiveX objects used.

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  • Built for mutiple plant/location collaboration
  • Works as a stand alone application
  • Works as an Add-on module to existing software
  • Solid ASPX (Dot Net) platform
  • SQL Database

Easy to Use

  • Works with any Browser
  • Works with any Web Device
  • No ActiveX components used
  • No special software needed

Action Items

  • OSHA and EPA Compliance Dates
  • CFR Compliance Dates
  • ASME/ANSI/NFPA Code Requirements
  • Building Code Requirements
  • Your Policies and Procedures


  • Web Collaborative Environment
  • Group Tasks by Department, Person or Project
  • Email Notifications
  • Completion Verification Step
  • Late Responder Reports
  • User Configurable Dashboards
  • Outlook Calendar Export
  • User Configurable Look-up List Libraries Reduce Errors
  • Data Import Ability

Application Security

  • Embedded Security Platform
  • Inter-Plant access configurable

Add-on Module For

  • EMPRV©
  • Maximo©
  • Stellent©
  • Documentum©
  • Citadon©

Document Locations

  • On a web server folder
  • In a common shared LAN folder
  • In another document management application
  • An internet URL

Search Engine

  • Powerful search engine
  • Locate action items by department, person or by key word


  • Built on Microsoft's Dot Net framework
  • Microsft SQL Servers


  • Versatile Report Generator
  • Tableau© Ready
  • Ad Hoc Report Emails
  • PDF Format Reports


  • Microsoft© Crystal Reports
  • Microsoft Office©
  • Tableau©
  • Any ODBC Compatible Application

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